Sexual Consent

Topics on Sexual Consent, Assault and Violence

Asking For It DVD CoverAsking For It: The Ethics and Erotics of Sexual Consent, a Lecture with Dr. Harry Brod. A Media Education Foundation Film.  Directed and Edited by Sut Jhally. Associate Producers Scott Morris and Jason Young. 2010. Duration: 38 minutes.

The line between sexual consent and sexual coercion is not always as clear as it seems -- this is exactly why we should approach our sexual interactions with great care. Dr. Brod offers a unique take on the problem of sexual assault, one that complicates the issue even as it clarifies the bottom-line principle that consent must always be explicitly granted, never simply assumed. In a nonthreatening, non-hectoring discussion that ranges from the meanings of "yes" and "no" to the indeterminacy of silence to the way alcohol affects our ethical responsibilities, Brod challenges young people to envision a model of sexual interaction that is most erotic precisely when it is most thoughtful and empathetic.


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A complementary study guide  with disccusion questions, exercises, and key points can be found here:

Selected Invited Lectures and Presentations

"Asking For It: The Ethics and Erotics of Sexual Consent"
  • University of Massachusetts at Amherst, April 2010
  • Southern Illinois University, April 2009
  • Hawkeye Community College, November 2006, March 2007, September 2008
  • Iowa City Sexual Assault Response Team Conference, October 2008
  • "Violence Goes to College” Conference, University of Colorado at Boulder, May 2006
  • Edgewood College, June 2003
  • American College Personnel Association, March 2001

“Professor Brod made an immediate connection to a large but somewhat resistant audience.  The visit did us a great service."

Professor Warren Rosenberg, Chair, Gender Issues Committee, Wabash College

“Harry was excellent and got great involvement. . . Very engaging and thought provoking.  People felt safe to share . . . Best definition of consent and responsibility I have heard . . . Completely innovative way of talking about consent . . . Good use of humor to discuss difficult topics. Very engaging and connected to the audience  . . . It was moving . . .  Great info, well-presented and a useful model . . . Great thinking and motivating . . .  Great theory and great presenter!”

“Violence Goes to College” Conference participants, University of Colorado

"An incredible approach to issues of gender, cultural diversity, masculinities, and power that truly relates to the reality of college students' lives."         

Jenn Freitag, Coordinator
Lighthouse Violence Prevention & Intervention Center, University of Central Missouri

“The Hand that Hurts is the Hand that Heals: Counting on Men’s Accountability to End Violence”
  • Safety, Accountability and Justice in Reducing Domestic and Community Violence Conference, Hawkeye Community College, Iowa, October 2009.
“Working with Men Against Violence: Strategies for Date Rape Prevention”
  • American Men’s Studies Association Annual Conference, Vanderbilt University, April 2005.