Studies of Men and Masculinities

Selected Publications
  • Theorizing Masculinities, Co-Editor with Michael Kaufman, Sage Publications, 1994.
  • The Making of Masculinities: The New Men's Studies, Editor, Allen & Unwin, 1987.
Cover of Book Making Masculinities
Journals and Other Publications
  • "The Sorry Sons of The Godfather: Intertextuality, Orality and Diminished Masculinities in The Sopranos”, Universitas: The University of Northern Iowa Journal of Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity, 2006.
  • "Studying Masculinities as Superordinate Studies", Masculinity Studies and Feminist Theory, ed. Judith Kegan Gardiner, Columbia University Press, 2002, 161-175.
  • "Male Pride and Antisexism," Men and Masculinities 3:4, April 2001, 405-410.
  • "The Politics of the Mythopoetic Men's Movement", The Politics of Manhood: Profeminist Men Respond to the Mythopoetic Men's Movement, ed. Michael S. Kimmel, Temple University Press, 1995, 89-96.01

Selected Invited Lectures and Presentations

“Teaching Men’s Studies”
  • Pre-Conference Workshop: American Men’s Studies Association Conference, Wake Forest University, April 2008
  • Conference on the College Male, Saint John’s University, February 2009.
“(En)Gendering Men on Campus: A State of the Field Discussion on College Men”
  • Panelist, American Men’s Studies Association, Vanderbilt University, April 2005.
“Directions for Men’s Studies”
  •  Second Annual Conference on the College Male, Saint John’s University, February 2005.
"Men, Family and Community"
  • Conference, Sullivan Brothers Convention Center, Waterloo, Iowa, April 2001.
"Men Against Sexism"
  •  Radical Philosophy Association, Loyola University, Chicago, November 2000.
"Perspectives on Masculinities: Power, Pain, and Pride" 
  • Hawkeye Community College March 2000
  • University of Pennsylvania, September 1997
  • Colorado State University, October 1994
 "Philosophies, Masculinities, and Feminisms: Toward More Progressive Unions"
  •  Men's Studies Conference, Lewis & Clark College, July 1996.
"Men's Studies: New Paradigms, Perspectives, and Problems"
  • Interdisciplinary Men's Studies Symposium, University of Toronto, Canada, November 1993.
"The Solution With No Name: Problems of Male Feminism"
  • Intermountain Philosophy Conference, Marshall University, October 1989
"The Feminist Study of Men"
  • Western Association of Women Historians, Huntington Library, San Marino, CA, May 1986.