Anti-Racism and Privilege

Topics on Anti-Racism and Challenging Privilege

Cover of Book White Men Challenging RacismSelected Publications
  • White Men Challenging Racism: 35 Personal Stories, Co-Author with Cooper Thompson and Emmett Schaefer, Duke University Press, 2003.
Praise for White Men Challenging Racism:

"These self-portraits speak of courage, empowerment, and overcoming the obstacles in joining collective action. . . . So, what do we do with these stories of valor, resolve, and dignity? We can use them as classroom material to illustrate that politics in America is not just about ‘stupid or angry white men.’ Undergraduate students are likely to appreciate that insight."

Javier Auyero, Contemporary Sociology

"In addition to trying to come to terms with their race and gender, these men address issues about their sexuality, religion, economic situations, families, relationships, parenting, jobs, and past traumas. The book succeeds because it soberly presents the victories, risks, and personal sacrifices of men who do antiracist work."

Loren Frankel, Journal of Men’s Studies

Journals and Other Publications

  • "Male Pride and Antisexism," Men and Masculinities 3:4, April 2001, 405-410.
  • "Unlearning Racism", Changing Men 17, Winter 1986, 13.

Selected Invited Lectures and Presentations

"Working From and Against Privilege: or, What’s a Straight White Male Doing in the Feminist, Anti-Racist and Lesbian and Gay Liberation Movements?"
  • White Privilege Conference, April 2011, Minneapolis
  • National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE), Washington D.C., June 2010
  • Burlington, Iowa Human Rights Commission Diversity Symposium, March 2008
  • Butler University, March 2007;
  • Appalachian State University, October 2005
  • Kalamazoo College, November 2001
  • University of Western Michigan, February 2001.
“Educational Affirmative Action: The Need to Teach against Dominant Frameworks”
  • American Association of Philosophy Teachers panel at Eastern Division American Philosophical Association meetings, Baltimore, December 2007.

“Social Justice Education from a Position of Power: Theories and Practices”
  • CUNY Feminist Pedagogy Conference, October, 2007
  • Russian State Humanities University, Moscow, May 2007.
"White Men Challenging Racism"
  • University of Southern California, March 2006
  • University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, June 2005
  • White Privilege Conference, Central College, Pella, Iowa, April 2004
  • Vanderbilt University, April 2003