A Brief Biography
Harry Brod

Dr. Harry Brod is widely recognized as a founding figure of the field of men’s studies, also known as masculinity studies, which applies theories and concepts derived from women’s studies to examine men and masculinities, and as a spokesperson for the profeminist men's movement.

His first book was the first to carry the pluralized “masculinities” in its title.  This has become the standard scholarly convention, and Brod’s leadership is recognized in moving the field away from a monolithic concept of “masculinity” to embrace diversity at its core, to study men and masculinities as they vary by race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, religion, ablebodiedness and other categories. 

He has published in professional journals in the fields of philosophy, women's, men's and gender studies, sociology, psychology, social science, education, and law.  His writing has been widely reprinted in books in the above fields as well as religion, literary studies, critical thinking, art history and architecture, as well as translated into Japanese, Portuguese and Dutch.  He has presented to professional audiences in most of the above fields as well as in cultural studies, American studies, Jewish studies, history, political science, student affairs, and various interdisciplinary associations. 

He has personally influenced and inspired many in his role as a public educator: he has delivered his lecture on “Asking For It: The Ethics and Erotics of Sexual Consent” on college and university campuses across the nation, often to audiences of hundreds of students as a central component of gender violence prevention campaigns on these campuses, for whom he has also frequently served as a consultant.